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The name Grand Falls was inherited from the notorious falls dropping from a height of 23 meters (75 feet) formed by the flow of the St. John River.


Grand Falls is one of two municipalities in Canada with its name in both official languages: Grand Falls/Grand-Sault. 


Grand Falls has approximately 5500 residents. One of the most distinctive marks of our town is its bilingualism.


Grand Falls is situated on the Maine, U.S.A. eastern border and is 85 km (50 miles) south from the Quebec border.


Grand Falls is hometown to Ron Turcotte, our legendary jockey.  Ron Turcotte is best known as the thoroughbred race horse rider of Secretariat, winner of the U.S. Triple Crown.


On February 19th, 2012, a team of 40 volunteers from Grand Falls recovered the status as Guinness World Record holder for the *Largest Dome Igloo*!  Roughly 2500 ice blocks were used to create this massive igloo and it could hold approximately 300 people.


The Falls & Gorge of Grand Falls are one of the popular attractions selected by Tourism New Brunswick.


The Falls & Gorge campground is located at the top of the cliff where you can hear the roar of the waterfalls in this cozy little campground.


Grand Falls has a magnificent 18 hole championship golf course with exceptional and impeccable greens.


At the Grand Falls Museum you will find a wedding cake that dates back to 1940.


You can purchase local products at the famous *Grand Falls Farmers Market* every Saturday from May to October. 


Downtown Grand Falls has a particular cachet, the Broadway Boulevard, being the widest main street east of Winnipeg.  A stroll downtown will surely seduce you with its shops, restaurants, flower gardens and historical heritage.