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Recreation, Tourism and Culture
E. & P. Sénéchal Center

60 Ouellette Street



Our Mission


"To provide and deliver the very best in municipal services to our citizens and local businesses while being recognized as a unique canadian town." 

Our Goals


The department's general goal is to stimulate the activities and means of promotional communications, offering a better visibility of our town, with a charisma of our products and services and to put value on our enterprises and regional organizations. 

  • To take a pro active approach, to promote all commercial, tourism and cultural development in our community, including, maintaining a progressive and positive relationship with all the merchant associations, existing enterprises and possible new enterprises. 

  • To coordinate activities with other participants in the economic, tourism and cultural development in the municipality. 

  • To plan and implement economic, tourism and cultural development plans and marketing strategies for the town. 

  • To promote our region as an opportunity place for local, regional, provincial and international business as an excellent place to work and live. 


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Registrations

Recreation, Tourism and Culture

Golf, baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis...etc.

Tel.: (506) 475-7750





Contact Person: Marco Ouellette

Title: Director – Recreation, Tourism & Culture

Tel.: (506) 475-7750

Fax: (506) 475-7755



Sport Facilities

The population of Grand Falls and the immediate region has the possibility of practicing sports and doing leisure activities. It offers a good number of facilities and programs which can be used by people of all ages.



Facilities in Grand Falls


  • 2 - softball/minor baseball fields

  • 1 - senior baseball field

  • 4 - senior soccer fields

  • 4 - junior soccer fields

  • 5 - playgrounds

  • 1 - outdoor pool

  • 1 - wading pool

  • 1 - diving tank

  • 1 - skateboard park

  • 1 - track and field

  • 8 - tennis courts

  • 2 - mini basketball pads

  • 1 - curling club with 3 sheets

  • 1 - 18 hole golf course

  • 1 - section of NB Trails

  • 1 - cross country ski trail 20 km

  • 1 - marina

  • 1 - community hall

  • 1 - outdoor skating rink

  • 1 - E. & P. Sénéchal Centre includes indoor ice rink, convention centre, indoor walking trail and fitness room



Hall of Fame