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Public Works


The Public Works Department provides citizens of the Town of Grand Falls and the general public with a wide variety of public services including: design, construction, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure for water supply and distribution, sanitary sewage collection, storm water drainage and solid waste collection. They are also responsible for a variety of support services, such as the maintenance of municipal buildings and municipal structures, central vehicle fleet and garage service and coordination of subdivision development.


  • Design, inspection & construction

  • Technical services

  • Infrastructure records management

  • Street maintenance

  • Sanitation

  • Water & Sewer maintenance

  • Water supply

  • Fleet management


For more information, contact the Public Works Department by phone or via email.


Public Works: 506.475.7763

Install and maintain valves on sewer lines

The Municipality of Grand-Sault wishes to advise building owners that they must install a valve on the sanitary sewer pipe as well as that of the storm sewer in order to avoid the backflow of the sewers inside of the building. Once the valve is installed, it is the owner's responsibility to maintain it and ensure the equipment is operating satisfactorily. The Municipality will not be held responsible for mess and damage caused by backflow if no valve has been installed. Your cooperation is appreciated. (Order no.17 - Art. 21 (a))

Snow and Ice control plan

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