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131 Pleasant Street

Grand Falls, NB

E3Z 1G6

Tel.: 506.475.7760


June 30th to July 4th 2021

*Thank you to all volunteers for all your hard work past and present. See you next year!


In Grand Falls, the Regional Potato Festival celebrates the contribution of the agriculture industry. This event coincides with the end of June and beginning of July, during the Canada Day weekend.


It is a popular festival with a torrent of smashing and refreshing activities. Broadway Boulevard downtown is the meeting place of festival goers.


An array of varied entertainment offers something for the whole family. Singers can be heard at the Bistro, and several arts and craft people of the area exhibit their work on Broadway Boulevard. Furthermore, this festival showcases the talents of local artists.


In the evening, the Boulevard becomes the stage of the very popular Thursday Night Party. The Miss Grand Falls Gala is a premier event in the schedule of activities. The Festival Parade is the closing event of this week of rejoining and festivities.


The Regional Potato Festival: a friendly celebration in a relaxing and informal setting.

© Suzanne Légère
© Suzanne Légère