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Malabeam Information Centre

Start your visit at the Malabeam Information Centre. Grand Falls is fortunate to have, right in the center of town, New Brunswick’s most impressive Falls & Gorge. This exceptional natural setting offers you a particularly special attraction.


For an unforgettable experience, ask about the guided tours offered daily along the Gorge, in both official languages.


New at the Malabeam Center… is a high-end interpretation center. The experience begins with the crossing of the tower where you can hear and see elements related to various themes. Once in the center, witness the history of the falls and Gorge and enjoy the picturesque view capturing the beauty of this naturally inspiring wonder.


Come downstairs and browse in the boutique to purchase your souvenirs of Grand Falls.

Have you heard the news???

The Falls are now available live!

Click on the photo on your right to direct you to the live streaming site.

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Business Hours:

10 :00 am to 6 :00 pm


Guided Tours :

Adult: $10 + tax

Children: $4 + tax
Children 5 years old and younger: Free


Your expert guide will describe the geology of this natural wonder. Along the way, you’ll stop at various lookouts offering amazing views. You will descend beyond 401 steps to reach the shores of the St. John River and witness the narrowest point of the St. John River and the wells in the rocks. After this, you’ll be able to say that you’ve really discovered the best kept secret in New Brunswick!



Small Guided Tour:

Adult: $5
Children: $2
Children 5 years old and younger: Free


To witness this natural wonder, the guide will accompany you for a tour along the Gorge for approximately one hour.


You will have access to various lookouts offering exceptional views of the Falls and Gorge.



Guided Tour Rates For Schools:

Admission: $2 



25 Madawaska Road


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