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Grand Falls

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Grand Falls





Grand Falls Farmers' Market


68 Madawaska Road, Suite 200

Grand Falls, NB

E3Y 1C6


Tel.: 1.506.475.7743


2022 Season

Opening Hours

Every Saturday

from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

May 21st to October 1st


Come and support the local producers and entertain yourselves with the different activities throughout the market season. 

The History of the Building


This Market building stands on a piece of land with great historic interest in Grand Falls. In 1889, this parcel of land housed the Burgess Mill, owned and operated by James Burgess Sr. until 1929, when it burned for a second time; this mill had been the largest employer in the Town of Grand Falls. The land remained vacant until 1951 when Leon B. Rideout founded the Valley Co-Operative Limited in order that local potato producers could dispose of their surplus crops. Leon, who always took a great interest in his community, saw the need for a second starch factory which served potato growers from Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, New Denmark, Drummond, Saint-André and the Grand Falls Portage. The Plant which operated 24 hours a day, year round employing up to 50 people at peak capacity ran until new environmental laws forced its closing in 1974.


Following the closing, the building remained vacant until Thomas Equipment took it over for a number of years. It was then turned over to the Town and again remained vacant until 2004 when the municipality received funding from the federal government represented locally by Andy Savoy, M.P., to turn the building into a Community Cultural Centre, which would house the Grand Falls Historic Museum and Farmers' Market.

The Grand Falls Farmers' Market logo was created by Daniel Poitras of Saint-André, NB, a very talented young, up and coming artist.


The family holding up the potato basket represents our strong community; hardworking and proud to offer products grown from the land.


The potato basket represents the history and place of importance of agriculture in the community. The building in which is located was once before a potato starch factory.


The basket is filled with locally grown produce: carrots, apples, corn, berries and potatoes, available at the market. The basket is titled to one side representing its abundance.


The bilingual name of the market is curved at the top and bottom representing a circle that has a beginning and no end, while showing the continued support from the local community.

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© Suzanne Légère
© Suzanne Légère

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